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I think I have acted quite according to the rules when playing these two casino 7spins and bondibet.
Also to your email. I sent screenshots of correspondence with the casino by mail. If necessary, I am ready to provide selfies sent to the casino - you can make sure that they meet the requirements of the casino.We are extending the timer by 7 days. Please, be aware that in case you fail to respond in the given time frame, we will reject your complaint.
So have said that yes! I think it's already proof that they're hiding thiato! And even if no profit came, the money from my game account disappeared from me.
I think not. I have tried to log in to my account but I cannot.Think about the future of your children
Medzi spoľahlivé a overené legálne SK internetové kasína patria - v zátvorke uvádzame rok, v ktorom online kasíno obdržalo licenciu potrebnú pre spustenie.
Hrajte svoje obľúbené hry a súťažte s ostatnými hráčmi v novom kasíno turnaji SYNOT TIPu. Tentoraz s dotáciou až 12 000 EUR.Hlavnou vecou je nájsť kasíno fungujúce na základe licencie vydanej zahraničím (Malta, Gibraltár, Veľká Británia atď.).
I not do anything under my name wrong
I had registered my 5plusbet account several months before, and I was not aware that my registered email address had become inactive when I played on November 3rd.If you have not breached any of the casino's terms and conditions, the whole verification process would be significantly moved forward after providing the casino with the required document.
Since you've already informed us about submitting your complaint to Hellenic E.E.E.P.
Thank you for the quick response and for taking care of my incident.I'm happy you've received your payment.
What do you think about that?.
Also play tech have informed me that their software is a clone !!! Do you think that that is acceptable ????Today i received message like this. I think I need to wait my withdraw about month or more � I'll update here if they withdraw it manual for me, as they promise.
You don’t have to register if you’re just browsing our website, but if you want to order goods delivery with us you will need to register.
With a savings account, you can quickly and easily save your free funds at a concessionary interest rate and still have it at your disposal.Thank you very much Dawn for your reply. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Jozef who will be at your assistance. I wish you best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.
Could you please elaborate? Do I understand correctly that your withdrawal has been rejected? Were your winnings cancelled or just put back into your account?.
If you wish to defer a payment on an instalment loan, contact your specialist at the branch by phone or e-mail using the contact address that you supplied to the bank, or complete the following form.I have tried to connect to other mobile or computer devices, not to my account but generally to but in vain! Do you have access?.
– lákavé kasíno bonusy – obratové bonusy a Tipsport free spiny – Kasíno turnaje o rekordné prize pooly
Problém sa, žiaľ, nevyriešil. Kasíno naďalej tvrdí, že som vyhral výhru bez otočení vkladu. To je jednoducho zle!apríla, keď oslavujeme Veľkú noc, kasíno vytiahlo všetky maškrty! Prihláste sa na náš účet na Veľkú noc a nezabudnite vyhodiť do vzduchu vajíčko a vyhráte atómovú cenu.
they said to try again later and it still not approved.
DOXXbet casino prichádza so vzrušujúcím eventom pod názvom "Kasíno budíček".Nezabudnite, že DoubleStar kasíno má pre vás pripravené aj ďalšie bonusy s free spinmi a ďalšími prémiami.
Later I decided to register again, not knowing it was against the rules.
You can pay online for your shopping. Unfortunately, we will not accept payment at door by card or cash.The reply told me that I needed to send passport or driver's ID again, and I told them I had already told them I do not have these and sent everything they had asked for.
I would like to ask the casino what was the reason the player's winning was confiscated. Any relevant evidence can be send to my email address 
Did you use any deposit or no deposit bonus? When did your account got fully verified? What payment method did you use for deposit and which one for withdrawal?I have checked minimum deposits, and this is what I found: Bitcoin Min.
A dodal "To plan for the day when you no longer have a country is indeed painful, but I think we have to do that." Len si to predstavte – rátať s tým, že vaša krajina raz jednoducho nebude, zmizne.
I am sorry, Marquez199, but I don't think we can help here.I think if I didn't solve the problem with you, I would have the money transferred and it is a question of what would follow.
I want to inform you that we cannot make a case solely based on what you are describing or your assumptions.
Our Tesco Online shopping picker Veronika would like to show you what she does to always prepare your shopping in the highest quality. Thank you very much submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I have checked terms and conditions, and this is what I found:
Did you deposit to get a bonus for casino games and you got sport bonus instead? Are you trying to close your account now or you wish to get assistance with something else?.
I'm Nick and I'll be assisting you from now on. I will now try to contact the casino and let them know about your issue.I would like to ask you to respond to this complaint. In case you won't react in the next 7 days, we will close this complaint.
Therefore, we’re not able to proceed with further investigation.
Please be informed that we have discussed your case with the casino representative who informed us that the photo you provided did not pass the security requirements as there are clear indications of photo manipulation.Sadly, if you do not have any picture ID or Birth Certificate you won't be able to complete the KYC and withdraw your winnings not in this specific casino only, but in any other online casino either.
you said you will get sure answer but what i do with answer . if your answer is not giving my withdraw than . you can check my account that i played casino with no wrong than why are you not doing my withdraw.
This data processing by Google Analytics can be disabled by suitable browser settings: you can install an add-on plug-in in your internet browser, which is available at: will check all the information and do our best to help you
Ak sa chcete zabaviť v online casine Svet Hier, nezabudnite si vybrať kasíno bonus v hodnote 50 free spinov.
A kasíno nebude spolupracovať?Pre takých má kasíno pripravený uvítací bonus až 1 000 €.
Two reasons I can only think of: they just don't care (about their business either) or they are really incompetent to run a casino on top of being fraudsters.
please support me to get my 2004€ winnings......prefer to pay back the deposits to not have to pay out the winnings......think my emails or screenshots of me and the casino says it all.....No I'm not cause no body discuss it to me plus the highest bet I did is only 4 to 5 spin I think cause it's not winning a single one If I know about it I wont even bet that max over....cause I was up that time going down
and see what they will do with the rest.
Beautiful city, isn't it? What are you doing here, tourists? pýta sa nás temperamentný šofér.They are actively trying to not payout the minor few that win at this shady establishment. If this stands inline with what you think is a good online casino it speaks volumes about the site and it's reputability.
Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your withdrawal problem. I have checked general terms and conditions, and this is what I found
what I want is my money that is owed(what probably happened).
What is your "source", please? This type of information is personal and I think any bank does not provide it, except providing it to the owner of the account.
Some casinos think this is "gambling problem"... Player does not understand why winning takes months............and Live Chat minimum response time 2-4 Hr I i think They are Cheating with me cause not giving reply please help me.
I have checked the general terms and conditions on the website, and this is what I found (here):
The mentioned email didn't contain the information which I've asked you for. Why did you confiscate the player's winnings? We need reason and evidence with an explanation of what happened.Please allow me to ask you a few questions so I can understand completely what the issue is.
11jackpots sa rozhodol namiesto vyplatenia mojej výhry vrátiť moje vklady. Toto kasíno by nemalo byť dovolené prevádzkovať, je skutočne potrebné ho vypnúť, aby ktokoľvek iný toto nezažil.
Našli ste ideálne kasíno na hranie.Kasíno bonus za registráciu je v tomto prípade myslený ako bonus bez vkladu resp. bonus za kompletnú registráciu s overením totožnosti. Typy kasíno bonusov bez vkladu:
All relations between the operator and users of the portal that are not regulated by this Terms and Conditions are governed by the Slovak law, specifically: the related provisions of the Act.
However, the thing that worries me is that they do not reply to emails.Sir i have withdrawn amount of Rs.60000/- but 24 betting casheir desk their not approving after 24 hours.
But as expected their same copy pasted reply . Its quite clear now beyond doubt that casino has firmly decided not to pay my money back .
the User is not a party to any loan agreement in a given time, all his liabilities and debts are settled, all prices and charges are paid and the balance of his virtual account is 0.I'm afraid if this is the case, there is not much I can do to help you.
What do you suggest I do? I don't want to keep adding money to the casino account until I resolve this withdrawal.
The truth is that someone was not speaking the truth.I have checked the casino’s website for options to close an account and unsubscribe from all correspondence with the casino and its services, and this is what I found
Kasíno Unibet ponúka viacero platobných metód pre vklady aj výbery.
3. DARČEK - 7 000 € + 250 TOČENÍ OD DOXXBETUOnline kasíno DOXXbet ponúka hráčom uvítací bonus vo výške až 7 000 € a 250 točení zdarma.Nižšie nájdete zoznam najpopulárnejších kasíno hier.